Introduction Cases

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What Nano1 System can do for car industry

Painting process and wet paint spray booth

@Car painting consists of three phases such as under-cotating,primer-coating, and top-coating.
@The primer-coating and the top-coating are spraying paint mists over car-bodies.
@A large volume of water is used in them to capture oversprayed paint mists. Manual mainteinance and chemcal dosage keep the booth clean.

Wet Paint Spray Booth

Accumulated paint solids and circulated water cause problems

  • (1)Increase maintenance cost
        ie.g. sludge tank, water channel, and water circulation pipej
  • (2)Increase chemical cost
        ie.g. flotation agent, de-foaming agent, flocculant)
  • (3)Odor
Without Nano1 System

Nano1 System's Effects

Then,the bubbles go along with the water circulation,realizing the following effects

  • - Removal of build up paint mists
    - Increased flotation of paint mists in the sludge pool
    - Decrease in the number of anaerobic bacteria
  • 1. Less Maintenance for Tank Cleaning
  • 2. Less Chemical Usage
  • 3. Less Odor
With Nano1 System

Micro/Nano bubbles against paint solids

It is presumed that Micro/Nano bubbles evaporate the syner portion in paint compound
,getting paint solids less sticky.

Cost Saving by Nano1 System

The below is an example of a maintenance cost saving achieved by one NS-075 unti.